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Yamas and Nyamas
Shaktibad Panchayet
The Creation Process

The following are high-minded qualities to aspire to that are essential to the pursuit of happiness and peace of mind. Indian Philosophy indicates from which center of the brain these attributes derive


bulletThe Yoga of Action             Samadhi

Daivi Sampadas                 Understanding the Eternal Soul Viveka

  It is the Goal of the Ananda Maths to manifest the 28 Daivi Sampadas (God-Like qualities) here on Earth. The various Murtis (images) such as Ganesh, Surya, Vishnu, Siva and Shakti in Tantric Yoga embody these divine qualities. Each of the Daivi Sampadas are universal truths manifest from centers in the Brain.  Devotion and practice of Yoga promises there is a progression in Human Development from Ganesh to Shakti.    


In the Shakti Brain Center :Universal Forces & Protection of Society

Teja  - Force against Brutality                                                             - Mantra

In the Siva Brain Center, concerned with Meditation & Renunciation

Abhaya - Fearlessness

 Satwasamsuddhi -  Pure Intellect

Gnana  - Wisdom

Yoganistha -  Steadiness in Yoga

Satya  - Truth

 Akrodha  - Absence of Anger

 Alova --Absence of Covetousness and Jealousy

Shanti  - Peace and Calmness of Mind

 Apaishunam  - Non-Propagation of Lies, Truthfullness

Vishnu Brain Center: Charisma, Society & Family Life                         Dan  - Charity

 Jaaga  - Tantric Ceremony

 Mriduta  - Mildness of action against wrongdoers

Dayaa  - Mercy

Natimanita  - Self control

 Hree  - Greatness, Charisma

 Mardaba  - Compassion

Lajwa  - Sense of Shame, Sense of Propriety

Achapalya - Constancy, Absence of Fickleness

Dhriti  -  Fortitude

Surya Brain Center - Love and Affection

Swadhyaya  - Study of Vedas

 Arjaba -  Modesty

Ahimsa  - Love, affection

Mardaba  - Compassion

Saucha  - Purity

Adrodha  - Lack of Malice

Ganesh Center Logic & Science (Astrology) & Good Fortune

Abhaya - Fearlessness

Dama  - Self Control

Natimanita  - Absence of guile

Dhara - Concentration

             Tapash  - Austerity

           Satya  - Truth

          Tyaga  - Renunciation                                                        Purify the mind   

                                                                                                           8 Yoganas Yamas and Niyamas

                                                                                       Asanas, Pranayam

                                                                          Pratyahara Withdrawal of the Senses

The Causes of Avidya Lack of Insight                             Dyana - Meditation

Greed Lobha, Delusion - Moha                by Leading a Moral Life you will purify the mind

Krodha Anger. Drud Karma from Previous Life     Truthfulness, Friendliness

The Forms of Avidya the Cycle of Ignorance

Attachment, Fear  Egoism                                                                     Compassion

Distractions to Yoga  Like Driving on a Rutted Road, you tend to follow bad habits,  Contentment

Leads to Sickness, Suffering                                                   Exercise

Confusion, Irregular Breathing                                Relaxation, Proper Diet

Pain, Sensuality,  Sloth/Laziness                         To escape the Wheel of Karma

Ignorance, Wrong-Doing, Inconstancy             Effort is Required to Change Direction

& Despair - Causes Errors and Karma              the Science of Shaktibad Panchayet


Conduct of the Ananda Math

Their Philosophy is not soft minded. Wisdom is one of their goals and is grounded on an admission that there is an Asuric (selfish and evil) segment in society that will not respond to kindness. Durbalbad (soft minded)  philosophy results in appeasement There is a balance between the creative, stable and destructive forces of this world.  The Yogi of the Ananda Math has a duty to protect Dharma and Society and can use any force guided by true insight.

There is no discrimination against any race, gender or status in the Ananda Math. Anyone who manifests the attributes of the Daivi Sampas or has a sincere desire for improvement is worthy of respect. Respect is based on character and not on birthright.

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