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Yamas and Nyamas Shaktibad Panchayet The Creation Process


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by Leading a Moral Life you will purify the mind

Yama and Niyama

Ahimsa, affection, love, non-violence is a state of grace. When Ahimsa  is firmly established, others, too, will give up their enmity and violence in the presence of the Yogi. It is noted, however, in this imperfect world, that the Yogi is charged with the protection of society and can use any amount of force provided it is guided by wisdom and a knowledge of the fruits of right action. We in the United States train in Martial Arts and Meditation in the Kshatrya tradition.

When Satya, the love of truth, is perfected, it enables a person to adhere to a life of honesty and integrity and perform great deeds.

When Asteya, abstention from theft and non-attachment is practiced, the Yogi will live in peace and security.

When Brahmacharya, perfect celibacy, is practiced, great strength will come to the Yogi. There are two forms of Brahmacarya no sex or Tantric sex with no ejaculation.

The practice of Arigraha, of generosity in the widest sense, brings with it a knowledge of the round of births.

Saucha or purity also helps to attain physical wellbeing, control over one's senses and concentration.

Santosa, or contentment, brings Shanti - inner peace  and happiness to the Yogi.

Tapasya, the practice of austerities, purifies the Yogi from sins (past destructive Karma) and gives the Yogi acquire siddhis or extraordinary faculties.

Through Swadhyaya, scriptural study, one can reach the Ishta Devata, the resonance with the universal soul. Isvara Pranidhana, surrender to the eternal soul, brings about Samadhi, inner illumination.

Asana, posture, is defined as a way of sitting that is agreeable and enables the aspirant to sit motionless for a long while without falling asleep or straining. It is intended to overcome the distraction caused by the dvandvas, the pairs of opposites like heat and cold, hunger and thirst, comfort and discomfort. Hatha Yoga has developed a veritable science of the asanas, enumerating altogether more than eighty-four bodily postures for curing or preventing diseases or attaining peace of mind, For those that practice meditation, Patanjali is of the opinion that any posture will serve, provided that it allows a person to practice continued concentration.

bulletHatha Yoga will enhance physical and mental health and include stretching, movement and aerobic exercises to provide suppleness.
bulletPranayam breathing exercise increase the flow of subtle energy currents in the body and enhance balance in the flow of this energy and mental equilibrium.
bulletTai Chi will provide balance and concentration in a moving meditation.
bulletKung Fu & other Martial Arts will give you increased stamina, self control, control of the subtle & powerful energies of the body & confidence to protect society, yourself & others.
bulletRaja and Mantra Yoga will provide relaxation therapy and this Meditation will hopefully make your spirit soar.


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