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Yamas and Nyamas Shaktibad Panchayet The Creation Process


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 The Eight Universal Forces of Tantric Yoga

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The Four Stages of Creation

      1. Creation in the Bishwa Stage : This is creation at its gross earthly level.

      2. Creation in the Taijas Stage : This is creation in the mental level.

      3. Creation in the Kaaran Stage : In this level the seeds of creatures and the elements of the universe stay.

                    4.  Creation in the Turyia Stage : This is creation at its source, where all is in the form of Shakti (force or energy). In this stage, creation takes three forms:



Adya Shakti - Eternal Time

Nirgun Brahma-Time Stopped ( 16 Kalas )



Mabat Brahma

World of reflection (15 Kalas )

Shanti-World of Eternal Sleep & Peace ( 8 Kalas )



Buddhi-World of Organization

Bishnu- World of Enjoyment & Beauty

Urdha   Manash-World of Shadows


Brahma-World of The Universal Mind


Pran-World of Life

     a.  ADYA SHAKTI (Kali, or Eternal Time).

The forces are combined in one form where they are always in motion.


    The combined forces are in a static form; entirely motionless.

    This is the motionless form of ADYA SHAKTI.



There are 8 forces in this form, moving separately and independently of one another.

In India, the original idea of the Kali image was the depiction of the ADYA SHAKTI form of creation. Shakti, in the ultimate form, is simultaneously motionless and in motion. If one draws his theory of creation from NIRGUN BRAHMA, or the motionless form of SHAKTI, (as Shankaraacharya did some 1805 years ago), that theory followed to its conclusion will be on the theme of "no creation.")

Shaktibad draws its theory of the creation process from the TURYIA stage of energy, where the forces are in three forms: that is, from the eight Shaktis, both in the combined forms of ADYA SHAKTI and NIRGUN BRAHMA, and from each force individually (ASTA SHAKTI). This is the Ultimate Reality.


The Eight Forces

H         Controller Force (Kartrittwa Shakti)

A*        Wisdom Force (Gnana Shakti)

O         Enjoyment Force (Sukha Shakti)

L         Life Force (Pran Shakti)

R        Active Force (Karma Shakti)

OO     Peace Force (Shanti Shakti)

i         Intellectual Force (Bignan Shakti)

A        Love Force (Ichhaa Shakti)

The Birth Process

Birth occurs from the Siva stage (of seeds) through the Vishnu World. When a couple is engaged in intercourse, they set up a current of joy which the spirits of ancestors can feel. Under the influence of the joy current, the ancestors temporarily take refuge in the Vishnu Stage. In the Vishnu Stage, the souls of the ancestors are attracted to and involved with the joy current.

At the moment of orgasm, the mind of the female, the mind of the male and the mind of the ancestorís soul in the Vishnu stage are connected by Shanti (inner peace from the Siva Stage) and the soul comes down helplessly to the womb of the female. When the soul comes down helplessly, it does not have enough power to choose the time and trapped in the joy current.

Souls of the Vishnu Stage have no need of Pindadanam, since when they die they will naturally make their way to the Vishnu World. When the time comes for them to return to earth, they will come down through the Siva Stage, when the male and female joy current is present. The difference between the birth process of the Vishnu souls and that of lower souls is that the Vishnu soul can choose his time of birth.

Vishnu souls are very powerful and their birth is very auspicious for a family.

Avatar Worship

When the mental development of a soul reaches 8 Kalas or higher, he no longer has to return to earth unless he chooses to. When one of these souls returns to earth to suppress the Ashuras he is called an Avatar. Ganesh Avatars are of 9 and 10 kalas. Vishnu Avatars are of 1 1, 12, 13 and 14 kalas. Avatars of the perfect stage are of 15 and 16 kalas. A great soul may enter the Avatar stage again and again if he is needed to suppress the Ashuras.


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