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 Hatha Yoga

Warm up Exercise Demonstration

Salute to Sun

Warm up Exercise Demonstration

bulletRoll the neck round first left then right, then ear to ear, then look far left and right
bulletShrug/Roll the shoulders forward and backward
bulletStand in fighting pose. Using the Hara swing the left and then right arm freely
bulletStretch high then bend and touch your toes
bulletStand in tiger stance. Swing left foot across to right, swing arms contrary, swing knee right then kick right. Repeat with right foot
bulletSettle into Riding Horse
bulletSpread legs wide & touch ground, then touch ankles each side
bulletHidden foot both sides
bulletRolling Shoulder: Using Hara turn left and right swinging arms
bulletSalute to the Sun
bulletKneel in Seza, sit in Lotus. Breathing exercises. Commitment


Hatha Yoga Salute to the Sun

Sequence Of Movements

Feet slightly apart knees not locked, hands by side, breath in, breath out

Center your mind in Muladarah chakra

Raise hands stretch - breath in

Bend double touch floor/ankles - breath out

Hands on floor, left leg back - breath in

Left leg back, hold breath

Both legs back

Breath out and duck down skimming the floor to end in cobra back arched legs back - breath in

Bring left foot forward - breath in

Rotate left and right touching ankles - breath out

Step up - breath in and bend double - breath out

Straighten up, hands above head - stretch - breath in , breath out.

Mountain Pose

Front Stretch - breath in Front bend - breath out

Dog pose - breath in Seza,

Triangle Breath out

Dog pose - breath in Breath out

Front Bend [- breath out

Front stretch Breath in

Triangle Pose Breath out

Look up - breath shallowly

Running Meditation- In place, Jumping Jacks,

Sit &Push-ups

Twenty Daily Asanas - Krya Yoga

The sequence is based on energy flow from one chakra to the next from the base of the spine to the highest centers in the brain and is designed to release the Kundalini.

Padma Hastasana (Standing Stretch)

Standing position raise arms over head on inhalation

Exhale and touch your toes, palms to the ground

External Kumbaka

Concentrate on navel (Manipura Chakra)

Paschimothanasana (Posterior Stretch)

Sitting position, raise hands over head - Inhale

Exhale when bending forward, hands to feet

Chin to knees

External Kumbaka

Concentrate on Navel

Energy at Muladara

Ardha - Matyendrasana (Spinal Twist)

Exhale fully when while assuming full spinal twist

Remain in this position, then reverse

External Kumbaka

Concentrate on Navel

Energy at Muladara

Bhunmasana - Padmasana - (Yoga Mudra)

Assume Padmasana

Raise arms over head on inhalation

Exhale while lowering body forward to ground

Chin touches floor

Right hand holds left wrist behind back

External Kumbaka

Concentrate on Muladara Chakra (Base of spine)

Energy at Muladara

More to follow

and Pranayam -  a brief description ...


Assume Lotus Position


Holding left nostril with right index finger breath in for 4

Hold for 16

Holding right nostril with thumb breath out for 8

Repeat balancing the flows in the right and left Shushumna




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