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bullet ParamParamGurus, ParameshtriGuru
It has been the tradition of Indian Dharma that the powerful Mahapurushas of the Ananda Math from time to time revive the Sanatana Dharma.

In the Satya Yuga there were three great Acharyas, First Lord Siva, second Lord Vishnu and thirdly Lord Brahma

In the Treta Yuga there were three great Acharyas: First Vashistha, second Shakti and third Parashara

In the Dwarpara Yuga there were two great Acharyas: First Vyasa and second Sukadeva.

In the Kaliyuga Swami Gaurapada was the first great Acharya - known as Brahmananda Swami, the second Govindapada and the third Acharya Shankar. This Shankaracharya is famous throughout India for reviving Hindu Dharma.   

Counting down from Swami Brahmanada in the Kali Yuga Satchidananda Saraswati was the 141st guru of the Ananda Math.

bullet ParamGuru  - Swami Satyananda Saraswati
 Swamiji was born in Dacca. From his boyhood he was religious. On his 13th Birthday he had a dream about a great Yogi - Mahapurusha with his ashram in Chunar (near Benares). On his 14th birthday he left his home in search of his guru and at the age of 16 years he met his guru Holiness Satchidananda Saraswati in Chunar on the Banks of the Ganges - the same yogi of his dream.  Swami Satyananda Saraswati spent many years with his Guru in the Hills of Chunar studying Yoga, in social service and guru seva (service to guru). In his 54th year he established the ashram in Calcutta known as the Shaktibad Math to teach Shaktibad Dharma. Renown throughout India as a great yogi he developed the Philosophy of Shakibad Dharma: drawing upon Tantric Yoga, knowledge of the Ultimate forces of the Universe, Hindu science and sociology to awaken men's intellect and thirst for knowledge. His birthday is celebrated each year on January 15th.
bullet Guru  - Sudhamaye Sanyasini
 Sudhamaye Sanyasini (Iti-Di) is the 143 Guru of the Ananda Math: empowered to give initiation (diksha) into the 12-year course of Tantric Teachings of the Ananda Math. The niece of  Swami Satyananda Saraswati, she was a teacher in the daytime and a yogini at night, completing the demanding course of meditation and ceremony that takes at least 12 years in the Ananda Math.
bullet Students in Calcutta
Mohesh is a student of Iti-di's and a great yogi in his own right, full of strength and discipline who along with Siti Babu have completed the full Kundalini Yoga course of the Ananda Math. The force of Siti Babu's personality was obvious from first meeting. Ananda and Anandita are married have a wonderful little family and are studying with Iti-di. Subrata Ghosh, Odita Babu and Pulinda to take care of the Ashram. Without their strength and support for Iti-di we would be very worried. We are privileged to have in our midst  - a great astrologer and Ayurvedic doctor   - Dipam Kar

Students in Mogul Sarai

 In Mogul Sarai lives Siti Ram Das with his lovely wife Savitri and delightful daughters Anju and Kadambury. Siti Ram Das was a student of Swami Satyananda for many years.  In Mogul Sarai we spent an evening with Arun Kumar Munshi and his son. Mr. Munshi is a most impressive gentleman who is very knowledgeable about Tantric Yoga and Astrology.   

bulletJannovi Tessier

Jannovi first met Swamiji in Canada when he was visiting Mallika Kar. He stayed in her house and she became a special disciple.


Tapash  and Nivedita (John and Norma Bee)

Tapash  and Nivedita met Swamiji in Toronto. Norma studied in his Ashram in Calcutta. He performed their marriage. He lived with them for a year and they became disciples. Norma was a wonderful lady and a great yogini in her own right. She was much loved by Swamiji. She and Tapash raised two beautiful children, now grown: Bhavani and Satyam. Since Norma's death Tapash has visited the ashram in Calcutta each year, studying with Iti-di. 

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