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Yamas and Nyamas Shaktibad Panchayet The Creation Process


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Ganesh, Surya. Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti


At this time when pure evil walks the earth in the form of love of power, ego, intolerance and greed and causes such destruction - it is useful to study Shaktibad philosophy.

One goal of Yoga is to provide the mechanism to raise the human spirit and put the individual in closer contact with the ultimate truth - the universal spirit or soul. Indication of this spirit can be perceived in deep mediation as sublime love, joy and peace and the goal of the aspirant is to manifest this spirituality here on earth by honorable action.

In Indian Philosophy, the human spirit and character have been divided into five major stages of spiritual development that may be illuminating, organized in order of increasing spiritual development. Each personís character is determined by what centers of the brain the person can readily use. Men act a certain way based upon the development of their spirituality. Spiritual advancement is attained through the development and melding of these various attributes.

Ganesh: This is the center for Logic and Science. They are broad minded and intelligent, righteous in opposition to injustice and self-sacrificing. Such men and women have faith in only what they see and the material world and have little softness or affection of heart.

Surya centered in Love. These individuals have a loving soft nature that give of themselves and raise themselves and others around them by the power of their love and spirituality. They have an inkling that there are spirits and are interested in religion and spirituality. Such individuals show great compassion and are able to use their loving nature to bring solace and comfort to the world are large hearted, take much on faith and found democracies. But such individual can love fame and are often exploited based upon their emotions when emotion defies logic.

Vishnu individuals are shrewd, have charisma and the power to influence people. These people are interested in family life and society and have the ability to influence and organize menís affairs for good or evil and are dictatorial. Such men and women wrestle with such (Asuric Vishnu) demons as ego, power, jealousy, selfishness and suspicion, are opportunist and speak untruth. But in their Higher Vishnu state organize philanthropic institutions that support society and family life as a way of raising manís aspirations. This stage of development is a major fork in the road of spirituality and in its core is a hurdle or granti (mental knot) concerning sex and attachment.

Shiva: Plain living and High thinking: these mean and women are very rare and are unattached to this physical world. They are interested in meditation and morality. They are solitary and keep apart from the confusion and stress of worldly life. Their only weakness, from our point of view, is that they are divorced from this world. It is the state of mind reached in deep meditation and briefly in deepest sleep and has that joy and peace reached immediately before orgasm (see also celebacy).

Shakti (Purna Kala). Men and Women of this stage possess all the dignified attributes of all the stages of development from Ganesh to Shiva and none of their weakness. They are courageous, determined to protect society and root out Asuric characteristics such as selfishness and greed. They are determined to make society happy and raise menís spirits to higher and higher levels.

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